понеделник, 7 април 2014 г.

Interveiw avec l'artiste

Hey there, artistic creatures!
This time I am sharing with you a video I made for an uni project about the personal artistic experience.
I worked with my friend Estelle on this one. She does really cute illustrations, I'll show you some of them, and also many others forms of art, interesting collections (lots of them actually), aaand briefly we will take you in her world.
P.S. Hope you speak french. :D Comme le vidéo est en français...
P.S. 2  Even if you don't, enjoy watching the cute Diego the rabbit c:

You can watch the video here

That's all from us for today, have a successful week! As I have two weeks left of uni, there will be lots of exams, and studying and all that jazz. So, if I survive I'll make a post about it. Look forward for it.
Peace out!

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